Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings will undergo surgery on his torn groin Tuesday, Oct. 30. He did not give a timetable on his return, but head coach Mike McCarthy has said the injury is not season-ending.  In fact, Jennings says he’ll be in the locker room the day after the surgery and describes the injury as an “abdominal tear”.

“Abdominal tear”??  In the locker room the next day?  How on earth can you have someone cut your groin open and then hang out in the locker room the next day?

McCarthy is ever the optimist, it seems.  I guess if he’s able to strut around with the boys the day after surgery it can’t be THAT bad, but good lord, man. Take a day to rest your junk!

Expect him to miss at least three weeks.


via KFFL