Best NFL Teams ATS/ Week 8 NFL Lines

The season has finally reached the midway point, and the gambling world has already had plenty of ups and downs, as the parody in the National Football League is greater than ever before. From the replacement referees to controversial calls and unpredictable comeback victories, millions upon millions have been thrown into the wind and into the pockets of football fans around the planet. Although there is no definitive way or absolute formula to call games please enjoy the above to chart that shows even the worst teams sometimes are worth the risk to make a quick buck or two. Enjoy, have a great weekend and choose wisely!



Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Buccaneers @ Vikings (-6.5) 8:30 PM ET

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Patriots @ Rams (+7) 1:05 PM ET (London, England)

Colts @ Titans (-3) 1:05 PM ET

Jaguars @ Packers (-16) 1:05 PM ET

Chargers @ Browns (+2.5) 1:05 PM ET

Falcons @ Eagles (-1.5) 1:05 PM ET

Seahawks @ Lions (-1) 1:05 PM ET

Dolphins @ Jets (-1) 1:05 PM ET

Panthers @ Bears (-7.5) 1:05 PM ET

Redskins @ Steelers (-4.5) 1:05 PM ET

Raiders @ Chiefs (-1) 4:10 PM ET

Giants @ Cowboys (+2) 8:45 PM ET

Saints @ Broncos (-6) 8:45 PM ET

Monday, October 29th, 2012 

49ers @ Cardinals (+6.5) 8:45 PM ET


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