Headlines can be deceiving. The ESPN.com headline about Tim Tebow this week reads: Tebow May Play RB vs Pats.

This major news should send fantasy owners running to their computers or smart phones to pick up Tebow. The logic is that Tebow could be getting great fantasy points on the ground, while he is still listed as a QB. If Tebow were to play running back he would be a great pick up to have on your bench.

However, headlines can be deceiving, as the article goes on to explain that Tim Tebow said that the team has not talked about, planned, or practiced anything of the sort. Tebow does not strike me as a man to lie, so having not practiced at the position, I would advise to wait until you see it on Sunday, not on Thursday afternoon. Let someone else take a flyer on Tebow holding a spot on their roster, while you pursue other mid-season long shots. Even if Tebow does start to get carries, he is no Shonn Greene, and Shonn Greene is no fantasy starter.

Via ESPN.com