Back in 1992, Michael Jordan had an endorsement deal with McDonald’s that was highlighted by his own “McJordan” burger. The McJordan, consisting of a cheeseburger that was topped bacon, onion, and pickles, featured his own McJordan barbecue sauce.

The McJordan may be extinct now, but one lucky person paid almost $10,000 to purchase a gallon of the McJordan BBQ sauce.

The most ridiculous part about this is that the McJordan sauce is the EXACT same barbecue sauce that McDonald’s still serves today. The only difference? It comes in a gallon sized tub and has Michael Jordan’s name on it.

The description from the eBay listing:

Extremely Rare McJordan Barbeque Sauce from McDonald’s

A once in a lifetime chance to own the rarest of rare Michael Jordan and McDonald’s collectible!  The only one left on Earth??  This gallon of McJordan BBQ sauce is from 1992 when McDonald’s sold McJordan Burgers as a promotional menu item.

The McJordan is a quarter-pound hamburger with smoked bacon, cheese, McJordan barbeque sauce, onions, mustard and pickles.  All of Michael Jordan’s “favorite ingredients”.  The burger was sold only in limited markets in the United States.


Michael Jordan was the first person to have a McDonald’s sandwich as a namesake.  Jordan appeared in television spots to promote the burger.

It is in new condition and has never been opened.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own this incredibly rare piece of memorabilia!

Even the most extreme Michael Jordan memorabilia enthusiast had to get a laugh out of this one.

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