DeAndre Jordan had some trouble on Wednesday night with his free throw shooting, one shot in particular. DeAndre managed to air ball a free throw during the Clippers preseason game against The Heat, and it was quite funny. We strongly believe that DeAndre will be hitting rim by the regular season.

Ball Don’t Lie lays out DeAndre’s issue with the scary free throw shot:

This is where we remind you that Jordan really has worked on his free-throw shooting, improving from the dreadful 38.5 percent and 37.5 percent finishes of his first two NBA seasons to 45.2 percent in Year 3 and 52.5 percent last year. He’s still a far cry from last year’s league-average free-throw mark of 75.4 percent, but he’s trending in the right direction, and with a couple more years of continued work and development, he could reach the brass ring of foul-line decency.