(Helene Elliott / Los Angeles Times / October 3, 2012)

The Los Angeles Kings did a great thing when they sent the Stanley Cup to be with Genny Shepler, who 9-year-old hockey player who was recently seriously injured in a hiking fall. The smile on Genny’s face when she saw the Cup could light up a room, and was a nice moment away from all of the pain and agony she has suffered over the past months.

According to The LA Times:

“I want to walk,” she said when the Cup arrived, ferried there by the Kings. And so she did, another step forward on a long journey back to health and hockey.

Genny, a good student and member of the Lady Reign hockey team, was hiking with three siblings in the mountains near her home July 30 when she slipped and fell about 30 feet, fracturing her skull and bruising her brain stem. She was in a coma for 11 days.

“At one point, her doctors came in and told us, ‘You need to prepare yourself for the fact that she might not wake up, or that she might be in a vegetative state, or that she might not be able to walk,'” said her mother, DeAnne. “I said, ‘You don’t know this kid.’ “

You can check out the below video which goes into depth about the great play call by the LA Kings:

video via NBC