During the Yankees YES Network’s broadcast on Tuesday night, announcer and former player David Cone definitely chose the wrong words. Cone referred to Ichiro Suzuki’s bat as a ‘chopstick.’ I’m going to (kind of) give Cone the benefit as Ichiro chopped at the pitch to get it towards the left side of the field, but come on man. Just not smart.

via @CJFogler

  • coolnewyorker

    Well, a bat is also called a stick, as in stickball. And Ichiro does chop with it. That particular:swing at a low and away pitch, probably a ball, was definitely a “chop” stroke. It was actually a very descriptive analysis. Ichiro, being Japanese, a chopstick user, makes it kinda ethnically even more descriptive.

    Appropriate? I think to make too much a deal of it is instigatingly inappropriate.

  • Jason

    Well nobody actually “chops” with a chopstick, and Ichiro did hit a “chopper” with a bat, which is a stick so it is not bad or anything I would think. Plus if Cone is intending to offended, he would probably say chopsticks when Ichiro is holding 2 bats, because no one uses only 1 chopstick. That was probably an accident. Good logical description from him though.

  • Pete

    Who gives a shit. My wife is Asian and she goes nuts when people get all but hurt about the words someone uses. Especially when white people are usually the ones that decided what should or shouldn’t be said. The writer of this article needs to grow up.

  • In NO WAY was David Cone trying to insult! Come on media, stop trying to make something out of nothing! As the other poster’s stated, Ichiro did chop at the ball, (as he does that a LOT) and a bat IS a STICK! If the writer of this article follows every broadcast of Yankee baseball, he would know that it wasnt the first time Cone used that term. He used it during the regular season with a non Asian player. No harm intended!

  • James

    This sensitivity stuff is going too far. Everyone’s going to be mute’s within the next 15 years. Oh wait, did I just offend the mute culture?