Jay Cutler has a hard time masking his emotions and during his Monday Night football game against the Dallas Cowboys, the story was the same. Jay Cutler was very upset during a 2nd quarter drive because allegedly he was getting the play calls in too late, and when Mike Tice, his offensive coordinator, wanted to talk about it, Jay was not interested. Check out Jay taking a seat, then as soon as Tice sat down to chat Cutler bailed. This is definitely not the same as pushing your offensive lineman, but it sure doesn’t look good for the Bears. ┬áLuckily for the Bears, they ended up beating the Cowboys 34-18 or this would have been a much bigger story on Tuesday morning.

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  • iAnonymous

    I’m sorry, but how many offensive coordinators has he been through now? The problem is JAY. But in all fairness, Tice is a total idiot meathead, which is why he agreed to work with Jay in the first place.

  • We are talking about 2 grown men here and Jay probably did the best thing for him at that point which was to walk away. Like it or not he has a short fuse which he is trying to control the best he can I am sure.

  • dale

    it’s football season people, enjoy the game and stop making a mountain out of a molehill !!!
    thanks for the great game cutler and the best of luck marching us to a division title.

  • usa

    mike tice is a failure. he was a failure at the vikings he is still a failure at the bears.
    i almost feel bad for bears fans having to deal with that guy as their offensive coordinator… ALMOST HAHA. i hope the bears keep him for 4-5 years.

  • Jay Being Jay