Back in May, we got word of a reality television show involving girls in bikinis, living in a mansion, beating the crap out of each other, and “playing hockey.” The BHL’s official website released a couple of teasers recently which basically just show the girls gearing up for a few photographs, skating around and into each other, and even shooting the puck a few times. Before you watch the videos, the website has a very important message for you:

“Each week, we will be highlighting the happenings in the Bikini Hockey League and highlighting one of our sizzle reel athletes! Please take time to LIKE our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter as well….you might even strike up a conversation with one of our talented and beautiful athletes! With the current lockout of the NHL, we know we can fill your hockey void!”

Well, this definitely won’t fill MY hockey void, but I’m sure it will do the trick for most of you dudes out there.

Via PD