The replacement officials have been under a ridiculous amount of scrutiny throughout the first few games of the season, and with good reason.  The scrutiny will not stop any time soon apparently, especially following the final field goal in the Ravens and Patriots battle on Sunday night.  Bill Belichick will be the first person to have beef with the officials, and he showed it by making unnecessary contact with a replacement ref following the controversial game winning field goal by Justin Tucker. It is OK to argue with refs following bad calls, but under no situation is it OK to touch them. You can expect the NFL to be calling Bill about the incident on Monday morning. Replay does seem to show the final field goal by the Ravens sneaking through the uprights, but it was very close.  Check out the videos below to decide for yourself if you still have doubts. The first video shows clearly Bill grabbing the ref and the second video shows the field goal.

  • Patswererobbed

    Dont know what your talking about , that ball was slicing right and when it reached upright it was right of upright over the post, saying it was inside is bull, the rule is the uprights extend indefinitely straight up that ball was outside of the inside of the post if the upright was three feet taller it would have

    • Gary

      You can’t say it was left or right the view the tv had was very poor there was NO WAY to tell. The cameras were at an angle and the best you can do is guess. . It was slicing but from the angle of the camera you can’t tell if it sliced enough before or after it went past the post. The only good angle was the refs right under the post. I don’t know if he got it right, but I do know that nobody can say for sure with the angle the camera that he didn’t.

    • No they weren’t

      If you pause the video at :31 and zoom in, you can see that the ball has broken the plane of the face of the post before breaking the outside plane. Close indeed, but within the goal

    • Notheyweren’t

      If you pause the video at :31 and zoom in, you can see that the ball has broken the plane of the face of the post before breaking the outside plane. Close indeed, but within the goal

      Bo…above the uprights is not reviewable, only between

  • Bo

    shouldnt they have reviewed it regardless? aren’t all scoring plays in last 2 minutes checked?

  • jher

    it woulda doinked in..besides, I hate the Pats.

  • It was GOOD

  • Wan, wan, wan. Sorry New England the ball was in. When you play the Ravens you can’t always expect devine intervention. We were playing with the same refs as you. Suck it up and move on as we had to last AFC championship game.

  • suckstobeapatsfan

    Hey, Pats fans, join the crowd…bad call or not…deal with it!!!….you could boycot the games so the owners would bring the pro officials back…until then you’re going to see bad call after bad call….don’t you love it!!!!

  • TheseRefsArentAnyWorse

    I believe (could be wrong) that if any part of the ball crosses the post as it extends indefinately, then the field goal is good, similar to touching the ball to the pylon. Even if it is just the very tip of the ball that would have hit the post, it is good. Even though it probably would have bounced away if the ball had actually hit the post. The refs are to stand directly below the post and look straight up. I am not sure if this is reviewable, never seen it reviewed. Actually it would be easy to review if there were cameras directly above the posts.

  • joe bennett

    i believe the NFL should recall striking officials back to work these backup officials suck real bad .dont know their head from their ass

  • Paula

    Why have a Goal post if it don’t have to go threw it And Belichick never pushed it he was trying to grab his attention Now if it was me I would have THROWN the Ref on his ASS FOR BOGUS CALLS

  • Obvious

    Pats…which replay were you watching? because the one where Ravens kicked a field goal showed the ball inside the post. Barely, but inside nonetheless.

  • Mexoplex

    funny how when Steve Smith grabbed a ref he got ejected. A White “God” does it and…. not so much. But what do you expect from the ‘Creator’ of Spygate? How many SBs have they won since then?

    • NJcursedJets

      Belicheat is white BUT No god buddy bec. gods dont need to cheat to Win!
      Its a joke the players union let scabs ref their games they could have honored the refs union &
      helped the refs keep their pension which the billionare owners want back.
      No the millionare players could care less but alot of dirty plays occurred yesterday including Revis getting a helmet to his leg with a cheap shot
      This is the NFL greedy mess created by clueless comiss

  • Steve

    CRy baby Belecheck. Other teams all this year have had to deal with questionable calls. Refs are a nexessary evil in this game thats what make the game fun. Get over it, the patriots have been bending the ruls for years with questionable pass coverage/Holding and disrupting receivers routes,. Quit crying!!

  • joro

    The play WAS reviewed and deemed a good kick, take it or leave it. I am so sick and tired of hearing these jackoff genius ex jock commentators like Collingsworth go on and on about the refs being incompetent. I would like to see all of them and their Mockingbird partner announcers put on the stripes and go officiate a game. What a bunch of criers.

    • djaguilar1974

      a field goal that goes over the upright is not reviewable because at this time there is no exact camera angle…the ruling on the field is what they go by.

  • if you really watched the game BO and not just the highlights, you would have learned that the play was not reviewable if the ball is higher than the uprights, if it had hit a crossbar or upright it could have been reviewed, and Patswererobbed, you are a typical New England fan, you can’t believe your team can lose… fact they shouldn’t lose considering all the illegal film they have on everone….what cheats….and your coach is a sick jerk

  • Jim L

    the ref’s were blowing so many calls in this game. It is sad look at all the fighting and fouls that are being done and none were called. The NFL needs to settle this strike and get some control on the games.

  • Jim L

    The refs were not incontrol of this game. And the ref looked up and if any part of the ball is over the up right it’s good. But with the way this game was played with all the fights and fouls it is a disgrace to the NFL. The game has to be controled by the refs, not the coachs telling them the rules as the game goes on. These refs have to go because it is getting ugly watching these games with all the blown calls and fouling going on. And Bill is going to be fined heavy for being frustrated with a poorly called game by the refs.

  • Sully

    While I know I am quite prejudiced in this matter and feel the wrong team won last night. The officiationg and the administration of penalties have been so bad I am willing to forego more of this high blood pressure game watching until the NFL can settle with the real referee’s.

    Just shut it down, These rules of the game have taken more than half a century to formulate, and that is all out of the window with these guys officiating the games. If there were simply a couple of mistakes each game this would not be an issue. But as each week has hundreds of officiating mistakes in every game situation, the quality of the game has deteriorated beyond the level of the worst of any High School game.

    Are they going to wait until a player gets hurt because these officials are intimidated by their unaccostomed situation. NFL either settle with the real officials or shut it down until you can.

  • Hawker1

    I don’t like either team. From a neutral observer, the kick was plainly no good. It was outside the right post and NE got screwed. The call may just have been some chickens coming home to roost, but the kick was bad. Now Belichick will be the one taking it on the chin from the Commish. Too bad. (snork)

  • Drill Sgt

    The PAT’s are the sorryest losters in the NFL. The first Super bowl the Gaints Beat them Bill unsportmen like conduct walk off the field. They are nothing but a bunch of cry babies. So far the Gaints beat them four times stright and they still concider it luck. Well All I have to say is Pat THANK YOU FOR BEING OUR GOOD LUCK CHARM. Go Ravens from a Gaints Fan.

  • Good.
    Bellache is whining… wha! wha!
    1-2 Pats.
    How sweet the sound!

  • Topspot58

    I thought Steve Smith was stupid for his penalty, but Belichick ! He is the head coach. He’s supposed to be the most cerebral guy on the team ! Smith was lightly pushed. Belichick was never in any contact- except grabbing the ref. What a jerk !

  • charley

    As an unangry white man can’t stand the angry white man NFL double standard. When Randy Moss did this he was called ghetto thug. Had a Mike Vick or Vince Young or black coach wer unstable or Ghetto thugs by Fox or Limbaugh or ESPN.

    Had a brown QB like Mark Sanchez or Brown coach done this illegal immigrant thugs call by Rush or ESPN.

    With Bellicheck or had Elway or Brady or a Manning brother never a word of unstable or white thugs criticism around the white owners in the NFL silent on dirty white losers.

    Yet all the Fox haters had time to urinate unstable on VY over the lowest point in the guys career just like Vick or Moss had limited choices because of their mistakes.

    VY has a 62% NFL win % (just below Mike Vick/Brett Favre/Elway/Marino) but no other white owners or angry white players think he is smart enough to lead a white team. Even though Bradshaw scored the same on the wonderlick and VY didn’t need steroids to do his winning.

    That is called the white angry conservative pooh doesn’t stink double standard.

    • Hawker1

      And you’re an angry racist black man. Or brown. And you need to lay off the booze so you can write something other than gibberish.. Young is a nutcase who has proven his lack of intelligence and judgement over and over again. Now he’s dumb and broke. Bad situation. Probably somewhat like your own.

  • Marcos

    Oh grow up charley. The ref was barely touched, and the result would have been the same no matter who did it. Besides, the coach isn’t a big dangerous buff football player, so no threat of harm to the ref anyway. The race card is for those who lack intellect or observatory skills. Most black players who break the law have a long rap sheet of thuggish behavior, so get over yourself.