Recently, at a soccer match in Isfahan, Iran, while fans were throwing trash and other objects on the pitch, a player picked up what he thought was just a random piece of trash and tossed it off  the field. Just seconds after it left his hand and hit the ground, it exploded. Turns out, it wasn’t trash, it was a grenade. This guy is so lucky he didn’t get his hand blown off and, from the looks of it, nobody was injured.

The YouTube description reads as follows:

During a local club match in Isfahan,Iran some spectators threw a hand grenade on field,a player found it and thought it was some other object and threw it on sidelines just in time,if he had done this a few seconds later his hand would have been blasted.The game was called off and police have started investigating this case.



  • A. Grenade

    Does this surprise anyone? Do they have public beheadings at halftime?

    Are they two North Korean line refs in that video? I thought so.

    • jordan walker

      fan is short for fanatic.

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  • PatrickLA

    its not a real grenade Bruno! It is a party-grenade hence NO SHRAPNEL??!!!

    And notice the 2 refs high-tailing it like a couple of sissies while the players just mosey around like “whatever”!!

  • chris

    wasn’t a military type grenade or all those guys would have been wounded, a home made device.

  • Rich

    I mean is anyone shocked by this? These people kill innocent people over a 13 minute amateur internet garbage movie. Any excuse to be violent will be taken by many people in this area of the world. The granola eaters will call me racist but honestly I could care less what race people are when they still think it is the dark ages. When they use the excuse of religion to act like animals. I am sure there are no women in the crowd but if there were and she looked at a guy the wrong way, she would be stoned to death for adultery. Rape is the woman’s fault unless she has 5 male witnesses who say it was rape. The whole area needs to remember its not 1216 AD right now. Outside of oil nothing of value has come out of that area in about 1000 years.
    A grenade doesn’t even make me bat an eye.

    • Bob_the_builder

      Not only is no one surprised, neither was the soccer player.. i believe he knew it was a grenade… just not a fuck was given.. *toss aside casually*

    • Not Rich

      This violence wasn’t over that movie. That was a smokescreen. THis is all because we’ve been playing warmonger for the last, oh i dunno, 3 decades in the middle east and africa. I see it as the uneducated voting public’s fault. Those people have your mindset. Swallow propaganda down and ask for more. Maybe you should volunteer for the military then? So you can help rid the world of all these “terrible” muslims? Stop watching lamestream media and find out what is actually going on, tard.

    • Not Rich

      I’ll bet it would make you “bat an eye” if it was in front of you, armchair admiral. You’d probably run away like a pansy like those referees. Everything seems simple when you type away with your fat meatsticks on your dirty keyboard, huh? Go back to sleep, sheeple.

    • jack sprat

      Remind me again, in which American city were they playing this game?

  • Wil

    Grenade? Really? Maybe you should look up the word cause that was in NO WAY an actual “grenade”

    • jack sprat

      The thing could’ve been sitting around since the Iraq-Iran war in the early 1980’s. Enough rust to let in a bit of sand in a dust storm and……..fizzle.

      Entropy will have its way with all of us.

  • bob

    He throws the thing over the fence, but it explodes on his side of the fence, very odd.

    • jack sprat

      He just pitched it up against the fence. A practical lesson in stagecraft, though, because I had to look three times to be certain.

  • Unbelievable.

  • Big DUke 6

    I was looking for a human head with a grenade stuffed in it………

  • mad mullah

    What utter crap. This is not Iran. The players are look African. The referees look Far Easters. The writings on the boards and on player T shirts are in Roman.

    Even the commentary is not in Iranian.


  • Scorned

    Watch the vid closely. Is it possible that the player know this was a flashbang type greneade/IED? Looks like he picks it up, then his left hand comes out and tosses the something towards his back left side, maybe the pin? Then he shifts the IED to his left hand and tosses the IED to toward the sign. Investigators may find the pin in field if they look hard enough.