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Tim Tebow hasn’t been playing as much as he would have expected this season for the New York Jets, so that of course leads to more free time for things like photoshoot done by Annie Leibovitz? VOGUE has released a behind the scenes look at Tim Tebow’s photoshoot he did for the October edition of the magazine. Ladies, try and contain yourselves as shockingly Tebow is featured shirtless. On a sidenote, I can’t stop laughing at the above picture of Tim and the giant wheel.


H/T Jimmy Traina

  • T. Willis

    Someone has probably already said it, but for the sake of all-sacred accuracy and specificity…it’s a tire, not a wheel. Sorry, couldn’t help it.

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  • lynne

    thanks T Willis for keeping us correct ! The huge tire is often used for strenthening. Have also seen it used on pit bulls .

  • robertk.

    Maybe if he invested less time working on photo shoots and trying to convince everyone how religious he is and actually worked on what he gets overpaid to do, he wouldn’t be getting outscored by the Jets third string quarterback.

  • coolnewyorker

    I do not understand the hostility towards religious athletes. Badmouthing law-breaking drug using athletes are better?

    I think it’s about time youths are seen and heard in Tebow’s likeness. It’s reassuringly and refreshingly comforting…