After Brandon Phillips of the Reds make a fairly funny and harmless joke saying that Fox Sports Ohio reporter Jim Day has a man crush on him, but Chris Welsh and Thom Brennaman took it a step too far. After Jim Day had his exchange with Phillips, Thom and Chris couldn’t let it go for unknown reasons and proceeded to pepper Jim regarding his man crush. I am all for jokes, but when you are in the booth and representing a professional sports league there are standards which you need to live up to. Chris Welsh asks Jim: “I want to know more about the man crush, you got something to say? A little late night out here in Arizona? This might be the time.. ” Chris was obviously referring to the fact that it may be the time for Jim to state that he is a homosexual, which is ridiculous and inappropriate. Chris was the main culprit here, but Thom could have done a better job stopping the incident.  The awkwardness was felt by anyone who saw it on live TV, and you will feel the same while watching the below clip. There is no place for those kind of homophobic jokes, especially following the recent incident with Yunel Escobar.

via The Big Lead