Stephen A. Smith has plenty of critics out there, and this latest Twitter rampage will absolutely give them more fodder.   An article was published today in The Onion (which if you live under a rock and don’t know, The Onion is an American news satire organization) which was entitled “Stephen A. Smith Thinking Son Is Finally Ready For The Sex Argument.” Without taking the time to read the article or even look at the source, Stephen jumped into a Twitter diatribe which is quite funny.  Oh Stephen, you hothead you.


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  • Pancho Villaraigosa

    People, there has to be a point at which The Onion takes the blame for simply not being funny enough to deserve the DUH-A-JOKE benefit.

    • Ryan

      You have to be kidding me. This would be like getting financial advice from Sesame Street, acting on it, and then blaming Sesame Street because it “seemed credible at the time”. Gimme a break.

    • E.J.

      LOL…The Onion used to really funny back in the day but has kinda fallen off.

      • Fred Furrer

        The Onion has proven that it is hard to write new funny things every week. I’m sure they try, but that is why good comedy writers are so rare, and valuable. This story reminds me of Donald Trump making a big deal of Sacha Baron Cohen spilling “ashes” on Ryan Seacrest. My take on that is that “The Donald” got “punked”, and didn’t know it.

    • BermudaTriangle

      I agree. I read the onion once and it wasn’t even close to being funny. It was so far from being funny, that I had to confirm that it WAS in fact SUPPOSED to be false news. That’s like going to a comedy club and then thinking “wait a minute, is this Mama Mia?”

  • sam ingram

    Why didn’t you publish the article so we all could appreciate the joke?

    • Ronnie

      Click the link smart guy!

  • Lonnie Frye

    Stephan A is an arrogant AH who doesn’t know what he is talking about most of the time.

  • Cowboy

    I know what the Onion is, who is Stehphen A, Smith?

    • Rance

      Obviously, you’re already online. Do you know what Google is? I mean, how intelligent would you have to be to know to find out who a person is?

      • Glenn

        I think he got ya, dude.

      • kex

        bazinga would be his response

  • Mr. Smith always provides his perspective. He seems to be always playing the who he knows card. In my humble opinion sportscasters are like historians. They should just report the facts. The fans are savy enough to formulate their own opinions.
    Most fans that have played a particular sport certainly know enough about the sport to judge facts and have their own perspective without being influenced by Mr. Smith
    I think that his approach diminishes the sport of the day that he happens to be covering. His personal opinions regarding players and their ability or heart should be something he maintains privately.

    Mr. Smith and his partner in crime is the very reason I nolonger watch to ESPN. I can go to news sport pages and the net and get the information that is of interest to me without the Mr. Smith filters.

    Steven A I know that it is a job and you consider your self an entertainer however I think you are suppose to be a journalist and not the supreme court of sports.

    Just provide the information… we can digest it ourselves. Real fans could care less about who you know or what you think you know, just provide the information regarding the sport you are covering. No one needs you to tell us what to think.
    The name calling that you and your partner in crime does is shameful… personally I respect the professional players that you offend for not going off on you both. You are not a judge or jury you are suppose to be a journalist so act like it!

    • amen brother!

    • Eric

      Sorry to be that guy but actually he is not a journalist he is an analyst for espn. A journalist writes for a paper or journal or website or such. He is an analyst therefore he analyzes information and gives a conclusion based on the information. Personally I dont care for SAS but people do look to him and other analysts to be the judge and jury for whatever subject they are covering.

    • @ Ron Henry………Name me one sports journalist who doesn’t interject his or her own personal opinion when telling sports news or gossip……Remember that is his and his partners platform on their show its a sports debate….. personal opinions is why the show was created……I’m just saying

      • SUDOKU

        Even people who are “journalists” can’t report without injected their own bias. Ever wonder why there is no criticism of the president from the MSM? It isn’t because of journalistsic integrity!

    • Mr smith is a total idiot! The louder he gets the less he knows about what he is talking! I always change the channel when he is blabbling!

      Big bill

  • tugarpj

    Stephen Smith is nothing more than a racist jerk. Hothead and moron who proved yet again…he can’t read.

  • Y Mars

    Stephen A. Smith is garbage. He tried to steal Stuart Scott’s style, but he’s not cool. He’s an absolute cornball. He looks like muppet (a cross between Bert & Ernie) too.

  • Ron

    Stephen A Smith I respect the role journalist play in our society; however I believe that you have crossed the bounbdries …particularly the way you critique professional athlethes.
    For some unknown reason you feel it is necessary for you to impart your personal perspective to tne audience instead of just reporting the news.
    You often times make statements about the players and coaches that are unprofessional and rude.
    Most folks don’t care what you think about a players character, or courage, they just want to know factually speaking how the team and or a particular player performed. It is fine to say that a particular player or team had a disappointing performance but to questions heart, character etc is beyond what a true journalist should do.
    You should suit up at the NFL or NBA level and see just how difficult it is to play with the best of the best.. There are roughly 1500 players in the National Football league and 400 or less in the NBA. Everyone there is a special very special human being that have overcome unbelieveable odds to be there.
    They all have tremendous ability, courage, and dedication. Until you do it for an extended period of time don’t criticize just report the facts.

    • Jon


      SAS will never read that block of text and neither will I.

      Get a life ron…

  • Roger Clyde

    Stephen A Smith is THE best journalist/analyst in the sports talk realm. period.

    • lol

      That is either the funniest or saddest thing I have ever read…

  • Dave N

    SAS is the stupidest personality in sports. How he keeps his job…

  • I will never forget the day that Stephen A Smith claimed that Phil Michelson was the most overrated athlete in the world. That weekend, good ole Phil went out and won the Masters and made Stephen A. look like the fool that he is.

  • RICK

    This guy is just another over opinionate jerk. Where’s Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton. i’m surpised they haven’t gotten involved yet! Please…quit your sobbing and get over it!

  • Ron Sallis

    Some of us sports fans enjoy the opinion of sports journalists. Especially when there is a point vs counterpoint. I for one, find SAS to be very well informed, open minded, articulate and enjoy his word choices. If you do not like his mojo just tune him out. Keep up the good work Stephen A.

    • JK

      Stephen A. Smith….A for Asshole!

  • Stephen A. Smith, I think you are absolutely AWESOME!Pay no attention to all of the negative haters,you are very intellectual,and a great journalist/analyst as well.Keep up the awesome reporting you do.I watch First Take daily and look forward to you putting Skip Bayless in his place.

  • Gary

    DelaQuasimoto Smith (if you can’t smell the chip on this man’s shoulder, you should see a physician) and Skip Clueless are two of the reasons I no longer watch ESPN. ABC has turned a once enjoyable sports network into tabloid TV.
    In ESPN’s defense, the networks have followed suit with their sports coverage, spending more time talking about off the field BS than the game itself. I don’t care. I don’t know the athletes, I will never know the athletes, so, why on earth would I care what they feel, think, or do outside the lines?
    I plead to all the sports networks. Go back to broadcasting the Game!


  • Indian

    First Take sucks; sports editorializing is fine, but that’s NOT Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless engage in. Even editorials have a basis in fact, something those two forgot a long time ago. Good to see the arrogant Smith get hoisted on his own petard.

    • Indian

      …NOT “what” Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless engage in. Sorry…

      • charlie n

        Smith is an obnoxious racist and a social irritant. I have no idea why the social networks keep bringing this freak back. It must be for the “shock value.” All I know is he’s a black version of White Trailer Trash and hopefully he’ll be sacked and taken to the landfill for good.

  • Eli_is_Elite

    He’s a Jints fan. I did not read the article, but all is forgiven. Eli will be in the Hall with Peyton.