I am kind of speechless about how amazing this is.   The below chart shows the death-count which can be put on Walter’s hands (indirectly or directly) and the bottom has a periodic table of elements which shows how they were killed.


Season 5 of Breaking Bad is now over, and we’re all stuck waiting until next year for the last eight episodes. The wait is going to be excruciating. Fans are left to reflect on the season that was, and re-watch previous seasons. Or, they can bide their time over the next year by checking out this infographic I’ve created that details all of the deaths that have occurred in the series, including the cause of death and the responsible party.

I have to tip my cap to the Breaking Bad Wiki, which supplied the vast majority of this information. And I should also tip my cap to Shahed Syed, whose amazing Dexter infographic helped give me a little inspiration. Click on the image for full resolution.