The return of Peyton Manning was one of the most talked about topics during the offseason, and he (as well as his new team) did not disappoint on Sunday night. The Denver Broncos beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-19, with Manning going 19 of 26 for 253 yards and 2 TDs — including his 400th career touchdown pass on a 71-yard strike to Demaryius Thomas. But Broncos pass-rush specialist Von Miller apparently has not forgotten about the man Manning is replacing, as he Tebowed during a sack late in the game.

  • Keith L

    Are you reporters so dense that you don’t acknowledge what’s really happening? Tebow does this to honor GOD. Most others do this to honor GOD. The only credit Tebow should get is the fact that he does it openly on a national stage.

    People has been doing this since…….. You media people should put your focus on GOD

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