Fall is upon us and that means no more enjoying the weekends outside, enjoying activities that bring happiness, health and laughter….. because the Vegas ATM machine is open for business starting at 9am West Coast time. This is actually week 2 of our money making venture and let me recap what we learned the first week:

– Urban Meyer’s offense is perfectly suited for Braxton Miller
– If you were thinking about betting against Alabama at any point this season, just don’t
– Danny O’Brien is not Russell Wilson
– I still struggle with my parlay addiction
– Notre Dame won and once again everyone is on their trendy ass nuts.
– Baby Blues BBQ is still my favorite BBQ spot in Los Angeles
– I can still tell the future

Our goal this season is a simple and achievable one, make Vegas say our name. You hear that Steve Wynn? The Basement degenerates are coming for you. (Disclaimer we are not really coming for you per say, I just don’t know the names of any other Casino owners. In fact, I really enjoy the Wynn. Keep it up)

Walter, show them what I’m talking about

There are 4 games this weekend that will be forecasted in the basement…..

Missouri +2.5 at home vs Georgia. As everyone knows this is Mizz first SEC game and thankfully for them its at home. Georgia looked unimpressive last week vs Buffalo and are going to be without multiple defensive starters for this game. That will be a problem against Mizz because their strength is offense. I am a big fan of their qb James Franklin and love taking home dogs.

Texas A/M +1 at home vs Florida. I watched Florida last week and the most troubling thing I saw, and there was lots to be disappointed with, was their penalties. As a redskins fan I know all too well how penalties kill drives or extend your opponents drives. Essentially they fuck you. Kyle Field is an amazing advantage for A/M. The only question is how their new QB settles in. I will once again take the home dog.

Philly Eagles -9.5 at Cleveland. This one is simple. Eagles defense is supposed to be ferocious this season. They are playing a rookie qb in his first nfl game. I dont see Cleveland scoring more than 10 points. Philly has huge chip on their shoulder this year and they come out strong and make statement against perennial doormat Cleveland

Bills +2.5 at NY Jets. If I am Mark Sanchez, I leave NY as soon as I can. Why in the world do you bring in the Tebow circus? Doesn’t make sense whatsoever and its a huge slap in the face. I love what Buffalo did in the offseason and think this is the year they put it together and get to 9 wins. Their offense will put them ahead in this game and the improved defense will shut down Sanchez once they have to lean on the pass to get back in it.

Best of luck.