Floyd Mayweather Jr. was gambling again, and this time he wagered a cool $200k on a second half line on the Dallas Cowboys -1.5.  The Cowboys were up 7-3 over the New York Giants at the half and ended up winning by a score of 24-17.  The $200k bet equated to a total take of $181,818.20 which Floyd confirmed by Tweeting a picture of his winning ticket.  You have to spend money to make money, apparently.

As many sites and readers have pointed out today, where are all of his losing tickets and why aren’t they also posted on Twitter?


  • salvey

    Where is the “winning” ticket or tickets from the Michigan / Alabama game? Just as I thought he lost his A$$ on that one

  • Kevin

    who cares….he just lost 3 million on Michigan the other nite. Might be rich but he’s an idiot..

  • Rubble

    I will bet $1000 to win $10 that this dumb*** will be broke in 10 years.