Boris Diaw hosted a recent charity game in France and his friend Tony Parker (among many others) was kind enough to show up and support the cause. The event featured many great moments but by far the best (and only one where there is video footage) was when Tony Parker lent a hand to a young fan. In order to win a watch the young man needed to make a half-court shot, but after a couple tries it was clear it wasn’t happening. Enter the Spurs point guard who only needed one shot as the kid’s proxy to win him the watch.

According to Ball Don’t Lie:

The daylong event in Bordeaux, France, which included the finals of a 3-on-3 tournament featuring local ballplayers, as well as an exhibition game pitting a “Friends of Boris” team that featured French NBA players/Olympians Parker, Ronny Turiaf and Nicolas Batum against JSA Bordeaux, the French Second Division pro hoops team of which Diaw is the president and with which he played during the 2011 NBA lockout. Proceeds from the event went toward Babac’Ards, a charity founded by Diaw (its name is a play on Diaw’s middle name, Babacar) to foster programs aimed educating French youth about environmental issues, civic responsibilities, preventive health care, gender equality and more. Seems like a pretty chill thing to raise money for, and that’s even before they give watches away to kids. (Just so long as, y’know, that’s not where most of the money goes, I guess.)