The fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers and fans of baseball in general can put a smile on their faces as the LA Timesreports that Vin Scully will be back next year.   The Dodgers announced on Sunday that 84-year-old Vin Scully will return as the broadcasting voice of the team in 2013 for his 64th season.

According to Fox Sports:

”I was so impressed by the new ownership,” Scully said Sunday morning in the Dodger Stadium press box. ”I was here for the press conference, and I heard some big talk. I wondered whether they would actually do what they said they would do. How fast will they move? How high will they try to take the team? Well, they have done it 10 times over. And what they’ve done is revitalized the city, revitalized the team, the fans – and myself.”

If Magic Johnson and his ownership’s product disapoints on the field this year, they can rest assured that they were able to outperform in the announcers booth.

video via The Big Lead