A man had a very certain jersey on his mind when he broke into the Safeco Field merchandise store on Wednesday, and he got what he wanted. This gentleman stole 16 Ichiro jerseys which retail for $240, and nothing else. It seems to me to be quite the risk just for 16 Ichiro jerseys, but to each their own.

The Seattle Times reports:

A man used a rock or a brick to smash a window at the Mariners Team Store at Safeco Field early Wednesday and made off with an armful of Ichiro replica jerseys. The smash-and-grab burglary was captured on a surveillance video.

It appears the man only wanted the jerseys bearing the name and number of the former Mariners outfielder, who was traded last month to the New York Yankees.

“They were very specific,” said store supervisor Chris French. “We are thinking they had scoped it out before.”

The 16 Ichiro jerseys stolen normally retail for $240 apiece. But French said the price recently was slashed in half.