It’s that time of year when those motivated minds hit the books, do their research, and study up… for their fantasy football draft.

It’s fantasy football season. Of course it’s important to do your due diligence before drafting (curse you Trent Richardson!) However, the most important part comes when deciding on your team name.

We’re here to to make sure you’re not caught like I was for four days after I was born. (Took my parents four days to come up with Nicholas!)

Band puns are the cool, hip thing to do these days. So make sure you get on this train before everyone starts doing it.

Feel free to steal these if your stuck for a name.

The Andrew Lucksmiths

Skrillex Grossman

Arian Foster the People

The Julio Sequence

98 Drew Brees (Ok, maybe a hipster wouldn’t use this name)

Death Cab for Flutie


Architecture in Gronkowski

CamNetwonera Obscura

Bikini Kalil

Husker Dumervil

The Head and The Gerhart


The Dezemberists


Stay hip, everyone.