It looks like Brett Favre didn’t lose his tenacity or his penchant for leading an offense when he retired from the NFL. His Oak Grove High Warriors (Hattiesburg, MS) pounded Sumrall Bobcats by a score of 64-6.

It was just like the old days for the former Packer, Jet, and Viking. The new offensive coordinator was not afraid to pull out all the stops in his first game.

The Warriors took just 44 seconds before reaching the end zone for the first time, and did so in a manner utterly befitting Favre’s legacy in the NFL: a deep bomb from quarterback Cameron Myers, who had lined up in the slot, to wide receiver Kelvin Winston, who trotted into the end zone for the first official Oak Grove points of the Brett Favre era.

I guess it is hard to let the competitive spirit go. How long before some NFL teams desperate for an offensive coordinator start knocking on Favre’s door again?

Whatever the case may be, Favre looks at home on the sidelines.

Photo via @Rustyhampton

Via Pep Rally