This isn’t the most popular shirt anywhere, we venture to say even around Happy Valley.  It may make possibly a few folks happy near PSU but I dare that person to wear this shirt anywhere past 100 miles from State College, Pa..  Get it together folks.

According to Dr. Saturday:

A company called Smack Apparel is producing this unofficially licensed T-shirt and it’s being sold in a non-affiliated university bookstore in State College (you can also buy the shirt online). The shirt depicts the “C” in NCAA as the Russian sickle and hammer, and has the words “National Communist Athletic Association.” On the back, the shirt reads: “Overstepping their bounds and punishing the innocent since 1906.”

Smack Apparel, which claims to be “licensed only by the first amendment” has several Penn State shirts available and not all have that much vitriol (in fact, there are some pretty good ones), but this is the only shirt that was seen in State College, photographed and subsequently placed on Twitter.