Tom Daley who is competing for England in this year’s Olympics as a diver, had to deal with some garbage yesterday. Following finishing fourth in Monday’s synchronized diving event at the Olympics a teenager, who wins the worst person in the world title today, Tweeted at Tom an awful message regarding his father, Rob Daley, who died in May 2011 from brain cancer.

According to BBC Sport some sort of justice has been served, though we aren’t sure of the specifics:

A 17-year-old boy was arrested at a guest house in the Weymouth area on suspicion of malicious communications.

Dorset Police said they acted after being contacted by a member of the public at about 22:30 BST on Monday.

A spokesman was unable to confirm whether the arrest was specifically over the tweets to Daley or subsequent Twitter conversations with other users.

The Twitter exchange is below, and it should also make you angry.

H/T The Daily What