Harper Gruzins showed up last Saturday at the FC Dallas-L.A. Galaxy MLS game to sing the National Anthem, and it did not go perfectly. Let me be clear here, I do NOT blame this young girl for the slight disaster that took place. I blame whatever teacher, parent, or coach let this young girl take liberties with an anthem that should NOT be messed with. The result was hundreds of articles around the web which slammed this young girl, and undoubtedly will lead to constant teasing at school and down the road. It is unfair to throw an 11-year-old in front of thousands of people and set her up to fail. No one could have pulled off that sort of rendition.  Unfortunately, the parents aren’t backing down from their decision.

According to the NY Daily News:

Gruzins’ father, Karlis Gruzins, said the “mean and hateful” comments are “really sad.”

“I don’t understand it,” he told FoxNews. “My natural tendency is to yank her from everything, but she just loves to do it.”

Harper, who hails from Coppell, Texas, said that her performance was “off” because she couldn’t hear herself amidst the cheers of the 22,000 fans.

“It wasn’t my best performance because I couldn’t hear myself and the blowhorns got me off key,” Harper told FoxNews. “But God allowed this to happen, so I know it’s what he wants. So I wouldn’t change it. Next time I hope there’s no blowhorns.”

Karlis, you need to take some sort of blame for this.  I am not pleased with you currently.

via NY Daily News