Jambonwespot has obtained some great pictures allegedly from Dirk Nowitzki’s traditional kikuyu wedding ceremony commonly referred to as Ngurario. The pictures are phenomenal and show Dirk dressed in traditional Ngurario garb. When the stories surfaced of Dirk taking place in this wedding, many sources and the Mavs denied it, however pictures don’t lie.

According to Jambonewspot:

The short version of the Kikuyu wedding, that is meant to announce to the community that the daughter is engaged, provided relatives from both sides with an opportunity to get to know each other and conclude ruracio (dowry payments) discussions. When a couple goes through the ruracio phase, their wedding is officially recognized by customary laws. There was plenty of fun and and plenty to eat and drink. The bride, Jessica was wearing a traditional Kikuyu garment and Dirk was in a dark brown traditional outfit with orange hues. Jessica was also presented with a kiondo by elederly kikuyu women. She had to demonstrate how she would go to the market and shop for her husband.