Imitating accents is one sport where the United States will not medal. As a thank you to their British hosts, Team USA tried to learn some “proper”  English.

As the London 2012 Olympic Games get closer, we thought you might like to see a different side to some of the athletes of the U.S. Olympic Team. Everyone has been busy preparing for the Games on the sporting field but what about off it? The athletes of Team USA want to be good guests and say thank you to Britain for hosting the Games. To get to know their London hosts, watch how they get on in a challenge to learn to speak proper ‘Cockney.’.

For those of you who might not know the translation of the phrase, it means: “You can go mad in celebration if you win a medal!” Fingers crossed for Team GB and Team USA athletes to win lots!



However, I suppose I have no right to talk because I couldn’t make it through A Clockwork Orange.

H/T Fark