A new fishing supplies store is causing some waves of discontentment in the town of Orange because of its name. The store has only been in business for two weeks, but the name has already provided the shop with more marketing and PR than it could have ever hoped for, including the below video from their local NBC affiliate’s newscast.

“The name is Orange County Master Bait Shop,” shop owner Michael DeClue said. DeClue says he chose it to be memorable. He says whatever innuendo people want to make out of it is their business.

The owner goes on to have one of the lamest excuses for the nomenclature.

“People are taking the master and also the bait shop and combining them together into a word that’s not actually spelled on our business name,” he said.

Whatever way you look at this, the name seems to be working as long as the owner can keep his shop from shutting down.

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