ESPN’s “My Wish” series returned this week with a bang. Ten-year-old Donovan Troy has been battling sickle cell anemia, but his one wish was granted by DeSean Jackson which was to hit the recording studio together and record a rap.

The Daily What breaks down the video below:

After the Eagles practice, DeSean completely surprised Donovan with an invitation to go to a recording studio in downtown Philadelphia to write and record a rap song. Music producer/audio engineer Mike Jerz played a few different beats he created and Donovan selected his favorite. DeSean wrote lyrics that were Eagles-themed and pretty soon Donovan donned some headphones and hopped in the booth with DeSean to start rapping. DeSean called Donovan “Jay-Z in the booth” at one point. … Donovan was thrilled to play catch with Eagles’ quarterback Michael Vick. He didn’t drop one pass, which included a high-arcing, 25-yard strike. Donovan impressed Vick with his best DeSean touchdown dance after that catch.