New Orleans Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees is not budging. As one of the league’s most proficient passers for the past six seasons, Brees is seeking a long-term contract worth $20.5 million per year. The Saints are offering him a contract that would average $19.25 million per year, which is marginally more than the contract Peyton Manning received from the Denver Broncos this offseason.

Seems a little ridiculous? Maybe so, but Brees has an argument for demanding the amount he is. Since signing with New Orleans, he has won more games than any other quarterback in the league. Oh yea, and he won a Super Bowl and was named MVP back in 2009.

The deal needs to get done between now and next Monday, July 16th. If he doesn’t sign by the July 16th deadline, Brees can only play under the franchise tag. Brees’ agent made a step in the right direction for his client last week when an arbitrator ruled that Brees was a second-year franchise player.  This means that if the Saints attempt to franchise him again in 2013, they must pay him $23.6 million instead of $19.6 million.

The most important thing here is that both sides are mutually working towards a long-term deal. Hopefully, if and when this new contract gets done, there will be no franchise tag drama again next season. This has dragged on long enough.


via ESPN