In Columbus, Ga., a pair of adult males started to brawl just outside of the left field fence just as the District 8 All-Star Tournament championship little league medal ceremony was about to take place. According to The Ledger a dispute about the volume of someone’s music sparked the fight:

In a report on the dispute, police said Davidson was was playing loud music near the right field fence after Northern won the game. That’s when a woman identified as Rose King and Iram King came over and she demanded that Davidson turn down the music. Chadwick said some teams bring their music to play between innings, before the game or after the game.
Police said Davidson turned down the music, but words were exchanged about the players. Iram King started to walk toward Davidson when he said, “What do you want,” or “Why are you walking over here.”

A witness said Iram King told Davidson,”I’m here to f… you up.”

Davidson’s reply was, “Well, here I am,” before police said the men tussled.

This is not exactly the example we want to be setting for our youth…