I know, I know.  You hate Jay Leno.  I’m not a fan, but you have to consider that he was hand-picked by Johnny Carson, the undisputed King of Late Night.  Carson knew what he was doing.  Get a guy that will keep the space between Los Angeles and New York glued to your old show, but make sure he’s just bad enough to keep people saying, “He’s no Carson.”  Brilliant.

But I digress.  Jay Leno, the gearhead of all gearheads, has reportedly sold his absolutely stunning car collection to an Arab shiekh for upwards of (cue the voice) ONE BILLION DOLLARS.

The collection contains over 80 vintage cars and 80 vintage motorcycles.  The rarest, most expensive car you’ve ever heard of?  It’s in this collection, along with other cars that make the one you were thinking of look like a Prius:

Reportedly, Jay Leno has a DeLorean with a working time machine in it.  True story.

Again, I am not a Jay Leno fan.  He hasn’t written his own joke for decades, and that’s sad.  Still, the man knows his automobiles.

UPDATE: An individual who claims to work with the Amir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad, contacted us claiming that ‘Jay Lenon’ (a typo, hopefully) and the Amir have never met and denies any other meetings between the two.

That still doesn’t mean a sale won’t be happening.