Terrell Owens’ 2012 has consisted of going broke, firing his agent, appearing on Dr. Phil, and playing for an Indoor Football League team and eventually getting cut. Now a woman is trying to sell some nude pictures of Owens to various websites – one of the bigger ones being TMZ.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

During their first Skype encounter, the woman claims, Owens was already naked and erect when the video call began. She estimates watching Owens pleasure himself on 10 separate occasions during which she denies exposing herself or talking dirty.

She says Owens would “tell me things he wanted to do to me.”

We asked why she was trying to sell the pictures and brief video clip, and it turns out it’s because Owens stopped responding to her on Skype, she says.

Owens claims that he is being extorted:

“It’s obvious that she has nothing because it’s illegal with what she’s trying to do or otherwise TMZ would have bought the photos,” Owens told us by email Tuesday.

“This is a case of extortion, this is a waste of my time and you’re wasting your time because I have nothing to say,” Owens said.

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