I’m not going to lie.  When I found this online and started watching it I thought it would be like watching a reality show based on “The Gods Must Be Crazy”.  While there are some funny bits in it, it’s really pretty eye-opening.  These young Sudanese refugees come to America for the first time and it’s really almost kind of sad, but sad for those of us who live here.

Their take on Americans and how we behave towards them and towards each other is staggering.  We might consider ourselves a melting pot but, if we are, we’re one giant pot with a lot of individual, enclosed pots inside that just happen to be on the same stove.

Don’t get me wrong.  These is some really entertaining stuff here, like the first donut, the butter, and the chat with the kids at the pool.  But there is some very real stuff here, too, that makes you think about how you treat others.

One last thing – I don’t know who brought these guys to the United States but is Pittsburgh really such a wise choice for a new home?


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