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Erin Andrews and Seth Meyers: Meet Bill Clinton

The first lady of NCAA football, Erin Andrews proclaimed via Twitter that she talked with former president Bill Clinton regarding the new BCS playoff system. Evidently, president Clinton also believes that it is only a matter of time before college football adapts an eight team or a 12 team playoff.

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Anything Seth Meyers supports, I can as well.

The new playoff format will involve four of the top teams in NCAA football, as decided by a committee (much like the NCAA basketball tournament). This new format will be for the next twelve years. The money surrounding the new deal is still being figured out. However, according to the Associated Press, initial estimates are that the new TV revenues will double those of the current BCS deal (which are worth approximately $155 million).

As for Andrews, her contract with ESPN is about to expire. Although, she’s probably not going anywhere. (Maybe Slick Willie could write a letter of recomendation for her?)