Remember Dan and Dave, the two decathletes Rebbok put a LOT of money into during 1992? They were both excellent at their sport and were expected to give the United States a 1-2 punch at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. Behind the Dream Team, they were the biggest story of that summer.

Unfortunately for Reebok, it was a colossal failure. Dan O’Brien didn’t even make the team and Dave Johnson earned himself a Bronze medal. Sorry Reebok. Dan did make the team in 1996, however, and brought home the Gold.

Lucky for us, despite his Gold medal, Dan O’Brien hasn’t shown us his last glimpse of fail. During an interview with Michelle Beadle he fell out of his chair on national television. I imagine I would fall out of my chair if I was talking to Michelle Beadle, too, but I expect a decathlete to have better balance:

via Total Pro Sports