This is almost a week old, but the oddity of it makes me feel the need to share.  Apparently, a Chinese soccer fan stayed up for 11 straight nights in order to watch every game of Euro 2012, and he has now died of fatigue according to a report in Chinese newspaper Sanxiang Metropolis.  Jiang Xiaoshan, a 26-year-old was the gentleman who died after Ireland’s 2-0 defeat to Italy on June 18, according to the report.

The time difference between China Europe (Poland) made the matches start at 2:45am in China so Jiang would stay up to watch and immediately head to work after.

“We would rest occasionally but he watched everyday and would not miss a single match,” one friend told the Sanxiang Metropolis, according to a translation by British newspaper The Telegraph.

“Jiang was in good health. But staying up through the night and not sleeping enough weakened his immune system and he drank and smoked while watching the football, triggering his condition,” Liu Zhiling, a doctor from the local People’s Hospital ER, told the Chinese paper.

via ESPN H/T Katey Berman