Sharp has upped the TV watching game, significantly.   Sharp has now released a 90-inch LED TV which makes sense for me to purchase, immediately.  How much will this bad boy run you?  It is being sold with a retail price of a mere $10,999.99.

According to PC World:

The new 90-incher is a 1080p LED-backlit set (without local dimming, although demo videos at the event showed impressive black levels) with active-shutter 3D playback, a 120Hz refresh rate, and Sharp’s “Aquos Motion 240” motion-enhancement technology for fast-moving images. The Wi-Fi-enabled set also has the usual range of connected features (Netflix, Vudu, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook).

If you get in trouble and need some help fixing something on the monster, have no fear:

There’s also an “Aquos Advantage Live” feature that’s found in other connected Sharp sets in 2012, and it sounds a bit like a remote PC-support tool. It allows a staff of technicians to troubleshoot your set remotely over a Web connection, access settings, and adjust them accordingly.

Apparently Sharp is selling the TV NOT online, but in stores such as Best Buy’s Magnolia, PC Richard, Abt Electronics and HH Gregg.

H/T @darrenrovell and MSNBC