Yes, you did read that correctly. A recent Craigslist ad in the San Francisco area is offering the highly sought after shoe from hip-hop super producer Kanye West, the “Nike Air Yeezy 2,” in exchange for one night with the purchaser’s girlfriend or wife.

The shoe retailed for $245 on but  sold out very quickly as only 3,000 to 5,000 pairs were made available to the public.  Sneakerheads everywhere were foaming at the mouth to get their hands on a pair of the most highly anticipated shoe of the summer. Resale values for this shoe have been everywhere from crazy to down right outrageous — one pair of pre-ordered Yeezy’s sold for $90,300 on eBay, last Wednesday.

But, if you don’t have a few thousand to buy some Yeezy’s and are just dying to have them, you can now whore-out your girlfriend or wife for one night to get your pair. And don’t worry, this guy has sizes 9 1/2 AND 10 available in both colorways! The sad part is, I would not be surprised if somebody took this guy up on his offer.

Now only one question remains — what would you do for a pair of Yeezy’s?