We knew this was coming and were prepared to not post it. However, I broke down in a moment of weakness over a breakfast of eggs and bacon with a mimosa.

Hey guys! Here is our 3rd and final video to support the OKC Thunder as they play in the Championships against the Miami Heat. This is a parody of “Call Me Maybe” written by Carly Rae Jepsen.

My brother Daniel and I decided after making two Thunder support videos that we might as well do one last one.This one is about Kevin Durant. Our whole OKC team is awesome and we love them all, but our team leader is certainly Durant. Thanks to the OKC Team for representing Oklahoma well and for playing so hard. Oklahoma is cheering for you guys as you play this final round! Thunder Up!

We wrote the parody in one evening, shot the video the next evening, and edited it over the following two days. A special thanks to my best friends and band from college (Houston, Mike, and Eric) for taking the evening off to be in the video. Thanks to Houston for doing an amazing job producing the music for this track. Thanks to Lance W. for taking time to come and help me shoot the video. I could not have done this one with out Lance. Thanks to Trinity Baptist Church in Yukon for letting us use their great facility to shoot the video.

These videos have been a lot of fun for us to make. We enjoy the time spent with family and friends and community. Don’t take us too seriously. These things are for fun and hopefully bring a smile to the OKC fans faces. Go Thunder!

via Hold Out Sports