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LucidSportsFan’s Awesome Old Song of the Week

This is one that I’m kinda proud of.  In 1991 Elevate My Mind may have been my absolute favorite song.  But here’s the thing: it wasn’t on the radio.  I never heard it on WZOU or KISS 108 (Boston’s big pop stations in the early ’90s).  They didn’t play it at any middle school dances.  I’m not sure how I discovered it.  But I had the tape of the Stereo MC’s album Supernatural, and I listed to this one song all the time.


I remember thinking Elevate My Mind was cool because it was Brittish guys rapping, even though it was kind of Euro/Techno/Clubby.  A couple years later the Stereo MC’s scored a big mainstream pop hit with Connected; and I was like “oh yeah, I’ve known about them for a long time.”  I think it was the first time I ever felt snobby about music.

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