John Rocker is publishing a memoir called John Rocker: Scars and Stripes, and he still has a way with words:

I died on a Sunday evening. Now of course I didn’t die in the literal sense that day, but I might as well have. Technically, I’m still breathing and the soulless shell that is my body continues to walk around upright appearing to be intact. Make no mistake about it, however, everything inside of me that day, everything I worked a lifetime to become, who I was at the core of my being, which took more than a decade to create, was laid to waste in one fell blow all for the sake of selling a few @#%&ing magazines.

Too young (or enlightened) to remember Mr. Rocker? Here’s a primer:

Meet John Rocker.
John Rocker pitched for the Braves in the 1990’s.
John Rocker has some interesting views about those different from him.
John Rocker used steroids.
John Rocker made Eastbound and Down possible.
Meet John Rocker.

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