The LA Kings Greeted By Fans At LAX

After the big win last night, the WESTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS arrived home and were greeted by a ton of screaming fans at LAX. Last night’s game 5 victory in Phoenix resulted in quite a bit of controversy and subsequent booing by the Coyotes fans. I would imagine that returning home to be greeted and supported by their own fans was the icing on the cake for the Kings.

Believe it or not, I was not in attendance. Despite how it may appear, I do have somewhat of a life outside of hockey. Plus, I was way too “tired” from celebrating the victory to operate any kind of vehicle. Regardless, the fans were stoked, as they should be after waiting 19 years for another Western Conference victory. The best part of this video (aside from the six straight minutes of frantic screaming from the girl operating the camera), was playing the “who drives the nicest car?” game. It’s hard to see most of their faces, but Matt Greene wins this competition hands down. All those millions and he went with a Jeep Wrangler. Solid choice! I’m not even sure they make them like that anymore…

But anyway…the important thing is that the LA KINGS ARE GOING TO THE STANLEY CUP FINALS and they finally have a ton of support from the city, especially with the Lakers and Clippers out. Game 1 will be one week from today on Wednesday, May 30th against either the New York Rangers or the New Jersey Devils, neither of whom scare me in the slightest. Go Kings.