If you follow him on Twitter, you know. Jose Canseco just won’t give up. Even if he is 47 and over a decade removed from the MLB, Canseco still thinks he can pull chicks like he’s a 20-year-old stud in the majors. Sadly for him, he is not. But that doesn’t stop Jose from trying. Seen above is a picture of the number he slipped a 19-year-old hostess at a restaurant he has been frequenting in Worcester, Massachusetts. The hostess told Deadspin that he has tried to hit on “about a half dozen” female employees, all of whom are ages 19-23. Oh, Jose – when will you just wake up and realize you are never going back to the Majors and nobody really cares about you?

If he was smart (which he isn’t), he would realize the only reason people still talk about him is becuase of his ridiculous rants on his Twitter account. Nonetheless, live your dream, Jose. As long as you keep making a fool of yourself by getting shut down by 19-year-old girls and educating us on global warming, I will continue to watch you crash-and-burn.


h/t Deadspin