1) This really goes without saying, but the originator of the Cosby Sweater is number one for obvious reasons. We present the one and only godfather of “The Sweater,” Bill Cosby.

2) The proud owner of the number two pole position goes to an innovator on the Cosby Sweater world . The Notorious B.I.G. took the Cosby Sweater and put a little Bed Sty swag on it and created the Cosby Coogi Sweater. Enjoy it in all of its glory.

3) The third in our glorious Cosby Sweater list is reserved for another innovator and pure genius. Andrew Salomone uses a hacked knitting machine from the 80s to “print” digital images into knitted garments. At World Maker Faire New York 2011, Andrew demonstrated the knitting machine and shows off its creations including a sweater with Bill Cosby’s face. Behold!

4) Coming in at number four is an actor, governor, and man with monster-like biceps. Arnold Schwarzenegger was seen rocking one of the manliest Cosby Sweaters of all-time.

5) Holding up the proverbial rear in the Top 5 Cosby Sweaters of all time is a friend of the family, The Big Dogg himself. Snoop had a photo shoot and took it straight to the next level with his choice of Sweater. Regardless of anything, Your argument is invalid.