Calvin Johnson, who will be gracing this year’s cover of Madden ’13, may have a shot at being a multi-sport athlete if he wanted to. The Detroit Lions wide receiver took some time off of his training schedule to take batting practice with the Detroit Lions, and he was no slouch. Megatron started off a bit slow but eventually connected with a bomb to left field.

Calvin joked after taking three turns in the cage:

“I told Delmon Young that if I didn’t hit a homer today, I was going to keep coming back.  I hit one out today, but I’m still going to come back and do this again.”

When asked about his high school baseball career, Johnson responded:

“I know I had some history with the Cincinnati Reds, but I don’t know if they drafted me or if they just contacted me about a tryout,” said Johnson, who also was scheduled to throw out the first pitch before Friday’s Tigers-Pirates game. “By that point, though, football had pretty much taken over my life.”

With the contract he has signed with the Detroit Lions, I don’t think anyone needs to worry about Calvin pulling a Bo Jackson.

via FOX Sports