Congratulations to LeBron James for winning his 3rd MVP trophy of his career. Despite an individually outstanding performance this past season, lots of work remains to be done as the NBA playoffs haven’t been kind to James over the years. As the Heat get set to play the Pacers with a 1-0 lead tomorrow personal achievement means nothing to James as championships have always been and always will be the measuring stick of greatness.

Please enjoy the posted autographs that were obtained several years ago through a friend that worked at Upper Deck. The three cards above are part of an set that is extremely hard to find and even more difficult to put together- autographed. As LeBron James memorabilia has become very popular and valuable, I will be holding onto these rare cards into the coming years.

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“I’d give all three of them back for an NBA championship,” James said. “It’s all I care about. It’s all I know.” LeBron James via