French swimmer Philippe Croizon, who has no arms or legs, plans to swim around the world by swimming through crossings between all five continents.    Croizon lost his limbs after he was electrocuted while changing a TV antenna on his roof back in 1994.  The planned total distance covered by Croizon this summer will be roughly 53 miles and should be around 45 hours of swimming.  What is your excuse?

The 44-year-old will be using prosthetic limbs and fins which attached to the base of his legs.

Croizon is on a mission to help connect the world through the swim:

“We are going to symbolically link the five continents, two little people like us, two little men, we’re going to be able to build a bridge between the continents,” Croizon said, according to the International Business Times.

“That means that we’re going to bring them together. Which means no one is very far from each other.   So even if we have different political opinions, or skin colors, or even with our disabilities, we all live on the same planet. And that’s the clear message we want to send.”