According to an ESPN report by Chris Mortenson, the Pro Bowl could be cancelled even earlier than most people thought.  It seemed inevitable that it would be cancelled, but this report has the gas pedal being stepped on firmly.

Sources say that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who has previously voiced his displeasure with the lack of competitiveness of recent Pro Bowl games, is strongly considering suspending this year’s game, sources say.

Beyond 2013, another league source believes the Pro Bowl is “DOA (dead on arrival).”

If the game is suspended, the league still would have a Pro Bowl balloting process to identify the season’s top players and would direct teams to negotiate Pro Bowl clauses into player contracts and to honor Pro Bowl incentive clauses to avoid any serious conflict with the NFL Players Association. Those players also likely would be honored in some fashion during Super Bowl week.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello says they have discussed the future of the Pro Bowl with the NFLPA, but no decision has been made.  With ratings fading each year and less NFL stars wanting to participate, it is fairly easy to say that if the Pro Bowl does get cancelled it will be the right decision.